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Tips For Parents To Manage Obesity Amongst Kids

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With the prevailing fashion of junk food consumption and glorification of fast food joints, obesity is not a rare issue to be witnessed. Since teenagers are the most exposed section to this ‘on-the-go’ food culture, obesity and abnormal fat accumulation is mostly seen in them. Genetic influence can also be a reason for weight gain in kids, which can be diagnosed with a medical examination. Other thyroid related disorders and hormonal imbalance could also account for increasing fat storage in the body.


Here are some simplified tips for parents, to help them manage obesity amongst kids -

● Exercise - this can be the best method to not only control weight but also maintain physical fitness along with building strength. This would help your child stay in the healthy weight range and form a disciplined routine in their lives. Depending upon your child’s schedule, you can form a regime for a span of fifteen, thirty or sixty minutes.


● Activities - easy yet fun! This method will not just maintain fitness but also account for teaching them something apart from their school curriculum. Activities like basketball, football, zumba, dance, martial arts or any such activity can play an important role in increasing the activeness of your child in their initial growing span and would have a long term impact on their lives

● Healthy Eating - healthy Eating habits must not just be imposed on the child but must be followed by the entire family in a collective and fun manner. Instead of treating green veggies as punishment food, you must make it a part of your daily meals to make it a normal practice. You must maintain a calorie chart and inform your child about the benefits of each food product they consume.


● Keep them Hydrated -unlike adults, children do not pay much attention when it comes to systematic water consumption. You must keep a check on their water intake and inoculate this as a habit that follows in their daily routine.

● Create awareness – Though it is practically difficult to make kids understand the damage obesity can do to their health and overall quality of life, you may talk to them in a way they understand. If they love a sport or dance form, talk about the health fitness needed for the same. This will encourage them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Parents also need to follow a healthy lifestyle, including healthy food and exercise to set an example for kids. 


These are some of the very easy yet effective ways to consider when it comes to maintaining your child’s weight in a healthy range. A healthy body will help them gain a healthy life and eminently improve their performance in anything they do in life. No doubt, all parents try to consult the topmost physicians and surgeons for their kids when the need arises. For example, if you are in Delhi, you should definitely go to the topmost physician or the best pediatric surgeon in Delhi for your kid, where you can be rest assured of the best in the industry healthcare.

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